Nautilus endoscopic staple 45º (Classic model)

NAUTILUS ENDOSCOPIC Cutter staple classic 45º

-RFS 3L Technology (3 staples lines)

The staple material is pure titanium, with comply ISO 5832-2:1999(E) Surgical implants-pure titanium material standart. The anvil and blades are made in stainless steel premium. The cartridge and the handle are made in ABS, reinforced nylon & Makrolon;

-Reinforced and fixed anvil. Atraumatic tip, 6 rows of staple graduation;

-Reload with easy connection, new blade in each reload;

– 360 degrees rotation of the shaft;

-Articulation button, 30º and 45 degrees articulation;

-Hight resistance body, texturized to improve grip;

-Ergonomic firing handle.

-Safety button;

-Retaining button.